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28 Jul 2012

Who can be such an idiot who won’t like the hot brewing tea in cold winter winds? There would have been rarely any person on this earth who doesn’t have fantasy about tea. Number of types of tea and its varieties are available in today’s world. It is one of the most consumed beverages in the world. From morning till night a person consumes on an average two cups of tea.  Tea is mostly packed in tea bags. Many tea producing companies are upgrading now a days. Mostly in the hilly region tea is prepared in large amount.


Tea bags of various size and shape are in market from small to large ones. Tea packaging is also playing an important role in selling and production market. If the packaging is good and attractive people are more attracted to it. Some of the basic and important information need to be written on tea packets. Information’s like date of manufacture, date of expiry; price etc should be mentioned on the packaging. With the increasing demand, manufactures are now taking care on the quality of tea being used. Whole seller’s are available which provide tea at reasonably low prices. Also online whole sellers give us opportunity and choice between the teas. As with tea same is with the cookie. Cookie packaging is equally made attractive and beautiful. Cookie is mostly consumed by small children. With the attractive wrapping and beautiful papers cookies are packed. To add to the beauty, sometimes flavors are added to it. Alcoholic cookies are also now in market. Packaging plays an important role when you are thinking to give someone cookie as a gift. Lots and lots of new ideas are coming up for packaging of it. Making a theme packaging is a new trend. Manufactures are now printing the name of their companies for promotional basis. When someone goes for a wedding they also prefer to print the cookie in the shape of their initials and sometimes whole name.


Cookie packaging with extra ordinary type may cost too much but, you will be able to find various economical options that can be perfect to your budget reference. Compromising with the quality while packaging is not a good idea. Tea packaging is done either in paper or plastic according to the demand. But now with the increase in pollution paper packaging is more preferred over plastic packaging. Choices are our, smart actors may win.


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