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19 May 2012
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Industries have no limit in today’s world. Each one wants to become a billionaire or millionaire in a day or a two. But reaching the heights in business is not everyone’s cup of tea. Packaging industry is going wide spread now a days. Plastics, paper and different types of material are now used in packaging manufacturing. Plastic being non bio degradable is not used much now. But plastic bags which have been used till dates may cause harm to the nature. Governments of many countries have banned the use of plastic bags. It’s though a good idea but plastic manufacturers earn their livelihood from this, so complete banning on such products may hinder their earnings.


Paper bags are made from the bulk of the trees. Thus cutting of trees is the main drawback of manufacturing paper bags. Moreover paper cannot resist water. Paper bags are bio degradable bags. They can be recycled after its once usage. They do not cause much harm to the nature. Printed paper bags are in demand. Such bags are used for packaging gift articles and all. Small, large, medium all sizes of paper bags are available in market. Talking about incense stick, the market for incense sticks is very vast and the demand for these incense sticks is high even in the rural areas. Incense sticks of all fragrance are now made. Herbal incense packaging is a new field which is developing. India is one of the top most manufacturers in incense stick marketing. The demand of herbal incense is increasing the most during festive seasons. Today, the incense industry has not only become a major revenue earner for the Government it has also become a prominent source of employment for women in rural areas. Only twenty percent of the market is occupied by organized players while the rest is controlled by small operators. The government needs to pay attention on these small industries which in future may gain the highest priority.


The incense stick industry has also promoted social entrepreneurship. Industrial made incense stick cannot reach the level of handmade herbal sticks. Herbal incense packaging can be done in plastic bags or paper bags. These bags can be printed with the logos of the companies for promotional basis. Using Paper bags instead of plastic is the best alternative the government has thought of. Let’s see where this development by the government in saving nature leads to.


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