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18 May 2012

Girls always have fantasy about cosmetics. Whatever they use for their makeup is always less for them. They act very greedy in terms of their cosmetics. Obviously they will. Hahhaha… cause who won’t like to look beautiful. Cosmetics have now been playing very important part in day to day life also for women. Earlier women used to dress up only during occasions, but now the time has changed. Each girl or lady loves to look attractive. Working woman always carry cosmetics like cream, face wash, face powder etc in their purses. It is not becoming a basic necessity for woman.


Even girls in studying in school have some or the other cosmetic items in their bags. It is very necessary for the cosmetic item to look attractive. It should be so eye catching that people themselves are attracted towards it. In this process Cosmetics packaging plays an important role. Packaging should be done in such a way that it should not harm the material packed. Some cosmetics are very sensitive to the skin, so special care has to be taken for packaging it. Proper material should be the most important criteria while deciding about cosmetic packaging. Talking about the girls, let’s now talk about the favorite topic of children “the candies”. Different flavors of candies are now available in market. It being an eatable, special care has been needed in packing it. All stores provide candy’s for small children. Candy packaging is done in a beautiful way using different sources of paper or plastic. Some of the candies are wrapped in colorful paper. Brand’s name can be printed according to the need.  Plastic being harmful to nature and as well as health is not used much now for packaging. Some special information regarding the product needs to be written or printed on the packaging material. Certain rules are made for packaging.


Date of manufacture, expiry date, main content in the product material need to be printed on the product either it be cosmetic packaging or candy packaging. Retailers have to keep special care for keeping these stuffs for long time. They should be stored at cool place which is suitable for the packed product. Special steps to protect the product are always written on the packaging. Online whole sellers are available who provide the buyers with a wide range of choice at a very reasonable rates and a perfect quality can also be chosen.


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