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10 May 2012

HOT BREWING COFFEE” in cold winter winds!! Just wow at the feeling when we sip a cup of coffee. Coffee has been the most consumed beverages in the whole world. Coffee reflects the diverseness of the tastes of consumers and cultural preferences. There are number of coffee brands with different quality and texture producing coffee. Number of types and varieties even in coffee are available. Coffee production is increasing day by day. Steps of processes are involved in coffee packaging. Coffee is generally made from hot roasted coffee beans which are grinded and blended and then packed.


Series of steps beginning from blending and mixing are involved in coffee packaging. Blending means mixing different kinds of Robusta and then blending them together. It is to be noted that blending is an important factor in securing consistent quality, as the overall taste is not dependent on one type of coffee classification. Best quality of coffee can be obtained by doing this. Next step is grinding. It involves the ground size. The grinder can be adjusted to several sizes, from fine to coarse. Next step involved is degassing. Degassing is done while packaging to removes excess of CO2 gas evolved from roasted coffee beans. The degassing time is in relation to roasting time so the longer the roasting time, the shorter the degassing time. After degassing the coffee is ready to be packed and sold in the market. Oil packaging holds equal importance. Intense care has to be taken while packing it. Oil being a liquid has to stand still on the shelf. Care should be taken that the oil doesn’t spill of on the floor. For packaging plastic bags are generally used, as paper absorbs large amount of oil. Some of the basic information needs to be printed on the packaging.


Information’s like date of manufacture, expiry dates price and the main content used in the oil has to be printed. Oil packaging of all sizes are now available. Small packets to large tins are in fashion now. They should be light in weight for the easy transport of the oil. Whole sellers and retailers provide oil tins at considerably low prices and rates. But a good quality should be taken care of. Hydraulic oil seals maintain high pressure in the packed material. O-rings are also known for packing which being mechanical gasket and shaped like that of torus.


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