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14 Apr 2012

The earth is suffering from the fever of global warming.  This is all due to the various acts of the humans only.  The pollution, excessive use of natural products, not showing any care towards the environment and many mo0re which leads to the problem of this global warming and pollution.  However, if the earth is suffering, then its direct effect will be seen on the human life.  In simple words if we say, then if it is not controlled now then we won’t be able to see our next generation.  This is the harmful effects and the very serious impact over the human civilization.  But, now the people have understood the responsibility towards the environment and so they are getting up on their legs, taking the responsibility over their shoulders and bringing the campaign of green earth.  These days, many plants are grown and people are been made to realize the need of going green.



However, it can be said that the seeds that we see in the market are playing very important part in this campaign of green earth, because without seeds none of the plants can be grown.  Thus, the seeds must be very much efficient and capable of giving rise to a tall tree.  Mainly, the seed packaging is responsible if any of the seed doesn’t work out.  But, this is very uncommon case, because in seed packaging every minute care is taken and along with the protection of the seed the efficiency of the seed is also raised.  The seed packaging mainly follows vacuum packaging which protects it from the outside pollutants and the moisture which may affect it.  Also, the fungal growth may occur which makes it equivalent to a stone, useless.  Along with it, the plastic packaging is also used, as it is the best protective covering against the microbial attack.  The seed that we see are actually passed through many steps of processing.  This increases its efficiency as well as its resistance power.  After all this, then the final seeds are packed and soled into the market.



The same case is with the nuts packaging.  They also follow the vacuum as well as the plastic packaging because the risk of attack of microbes and humidity is same with this also.  However, the nuts before getting packaged are processed, but also additives such as salt, peeper and many other are added so as to give it a nice taste.

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