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10 Apr 2012

Whenever the person gets up in morning, he directly rushes inside the bathroom get fresh, brush his teeth and come out.  But, then what he needs the most?  Something which makes him fresh helps him to get charged up and remove the sleep completely from him.  That is nothing but a hot cup of tea.  Some people go for coffee also, but if we talk about India then people love to have tea.  Here, the sell of tea is much larger than that of coffee.  The coffee sell is mainly in the foreign lands but in India the king of all beverages is the tea.  Looking at its popularity, these days various different types of tea are available in the market.  Some people say that tea is not good for the children health, and so lemon tea, cream tea and many other type of cold tea are available in the market.  Thus, the tea is evenly famous and preferred among the children also.



The tea that we actually see in our kitchen or the bag in the market has gone through so many processes and many step reactions, and then it comes in our hand.  The tea is basically a natural product grown on the plants.  After collecting it from the plants it is roasted and made more resistant towards the outer pollutants and other factors such as moisture and humidity which may turn off the taste of the tea.  In certain way, we can say that the tea is basically organic because its constitution is such that it is been proved as it is a organic product.  Thus, the organic tea bags are hence made and modified as per the necessity.  Looking at the organic nature, it is very much obvious that it has tube protected from natural air or oxygen and getting oxidized.  Thus, hard foil is used for making such bags.  Also, the packaging follows the vacuum packaging because if there is any unwanted air left inside the bags that may also corrode the tea, hence vacuum is created inside the organic tea bags.  Then such prepared bags are then sent for the further distribution to the market or the various grocery shops.



Mainly, the wholesale tea bags are widely used in the packaging of the tea.  They are strong and have the ability to carry dozens of bags inside it.  However, looking at the view of any accidental event that may cost you the wastage of tea, the bags are made so strong that they are able to tolerate the jerk and keep the product safe.


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