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31 Mar 2012

Few days back, there was a headline that coffee is harmful for health but still people don’t stop taking it.  This is actually an incomplete statement.  It should be such that excess of coffee is intake is harmful.  Infect excess of anything is harmful so nothing new for the coffee.  People think that it may be something wrong with its packaging or any sort of contamination that actually makes it a harmful product for the people.  Well, this is entirely wrong.  The coffee contains a drug known as morphine which is present in its constitution.  This morphine acts as a stimulant in the human body when it is taken in limited and controlled amount, but if its taken in excess then obviously it is harmful.  The doctors also recommend only 3 cups of coffee intake in a day.  Nothing is harmful; it’s the human hand that makes everything harmful.  Even the doctor’s recommend one cup of coffee at least a day, which acts as an anti oxidant.



If we talk about the packaging and the coffee bags, then the coffee packaging is the most viable and sophisticated area in the market.  Here, all the steps are taken with great care and perfection.  Even a minute mistake is avoided.  Mainly the foil coffee bags are used in its packaging.  The reason behind it is that foils are very thick and highly resistant.  Nothing can cross it through, and so the coffee packaged inside is very safe.  The coffee is inert, and so if people say that it reacts with the packed material it is completely false.  But the coffee is very sensitive to the atmospheric pollutants and microbes and outside air.  This is the also the reason that coffee is packaged in especially designed foil coffee bags.



Before packaging, the coffee is passed through the trail of processes which is very important.  The roasted coffee releases carbon dioxide, and if it is packed as it is, the gas will deteriorate the entire coffee beans.  For this, the coffee bag valves are present which expels out the unwanted gas and maintains the moisture level inside the packet.  But, there are some coffee beans that release the gas for a very long time and such are packed in the coffee bags containing valves.  This shows the efforts and level of care that is shown in the packaging of the coffee.  If people say anything about the coffee, don’t trust them better step would be go and talk to the coffee handling people.


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