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15 Mar 2012

Supplying the tea in the largest amount and contributing its name in the industry of tea, India has never disappointed its traders and the consumers. Likewise other nations which are in the tea marketing and supplying race is Germany. The requirement of tea or the rate of tea drinkers can never recede in the coming future. From the growth and care taking of tea plants and their collection to the drying and packing those into the teebeutel (tea bags) the industries involve in producing a range of great lot of tea. This has always come up with a ray of hope for the players in the field of business in the tea markets. The science also that revolves around it is that different species of the tea plants have the ability to deliver different taste of tea leaves.


The tea leaves that are collected are dried in a proper manner with all the required precautions. Actually the excretion product of the tea leaves is what is consumed by us. Do not spoil your face reading this, but it is a fact that the tannin that is released by the leaves during the their metabolic process, tea leaves get dried and when comes in contact with warm water, they provide exotic aroma and a refreshing taste of tea which is a big time discovery by the people of Japan in the early time, if history is to be believed. This gift from nature is just like coffee, getting addicted to tea is also not what is entertained for health. You have to have a control on its intake too.



Coming to the packing types, then we can affirm that the doypack (Doy pack) tea available in the market which is given and provided by only selected companies is trustable. The well packed and built bags that are given a correct form of appearance with all the suggestions of the designing will make the appearance of the tea selling bags really attractive and safe to use.


The daypack (Doy pack) are actually similar to the stand up pouches which are the bags or rather pouches which have the standing posture on the base and this base helps the dealers to pack and re pack the tea leaves very easy. The carrying and transporting of the packed bags are also easier. Moreover the appearance as I said earlier plays and important role where in the malls and stores keep their products including these packs all together o if the stand up pouches are used then the appeal of the product raises to a greater level in sense of attracting the customers rather than the simple bag packing that are laid down and not standing in posture.


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