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16 Jan 2012

We have heard a proverb which says, “Survival of the fittest”.  It is very true, as there is no place for the weak ones.  This statement is not only true for the social life but also stands true in the marketing tactics.  If the companies give out a weak product, then very soon it will go in loss.  Same is the case of bags. Bags though very useful but are weak.  This makes it usage area small and restricted.  However, if we add extra resistance or toughness into it, it will stand tall.  However, the main use of the bags is to carry things that mean the basic requirement is the toughness.



The  Kraft bags  are mainly seen in the exhibitions or the book stores or the branded shops and various malls.  These bags are basically designed to provide large carrying capacity and are very tough.  They are capable of carrying heavier items and are very resistant.  To bring more comfort to the consumer or the user, the handles are also allotted in such bag which not only adds to its look but also increases its resistance along with the comfort to carry it.  These days, the kraft bags are used as a advertisement tool by the branded companies.  The attractively printed brand name on such bags attracts most of the people and has given great response.  This trend is followed by most of the companies, and has come up with new verities and more attractive kraft bags  as their company’s advertisement face.



If we think on the path of global concern, then even the kraft bags adds in the pollution.  But, we can’t avoid the fact that these bags are the best and the most useful invention.  So, the kraft paper bags  were came into existence.  The same toughness, the same resistance and the same attracting features, but also environment friendly.  These bags were made from the processed cellulose which is the reason for their extra toughness as compared to the other paper bags.  However, kraft paper bags   having 2 to 3 layer thickness are also been used.  These days, various shapes and various patterns in such bags are seen through out the market.  Bags with numerous shapes and thousands of attracting features are also available.  Companies are taking due care on the bags look as it also helps in advertising their brand name.  Few companies have taken out budget for making such bags of their companies.  Some of the companies also keep on changing their bags shape and color with the season or annually, just to attract people and also give them a change in their shopping experience.

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