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11 Jan 2012

Plastic bags are the most important commercially as well as socially used product.  It is used in every field and by every common man.  However, the plastic products as we all know are not environmental friendly.  They do not degrade into the soil and pollutes it.  It is very harmful for the human life and these days pollution due the plastic is on the hype.  Apart from its harmful effects, it is widely used.  It is because of its great properties which cannot be avoided.  It is water resistant and keeps the product packed in it safe.  Along with it, it is flexible, resistant and has great carrying capacity.  But most importantly it is very cheap and easy to manufacture.  All these qualities are suppressed due to its one and only one drawback that is non environmental friendly.



However, the paper bags on the other hand are very useful and environmental friendly.  They are used as the substitution of the plastic bags.  The world is now heading towards the green earth.  They are taking initiative to fight against the pollution and global warming.  And one of such step is to use paper bags instead of plastic bags.  Paper bags are now widely used as well as advertised in various ways so that people can start using the paper bags as much as they can and make it a habit.  In case of advertisement, the various forms of paper bags are produced so as to attract people.



These days, paper bags are used widely among the people.  They have become habituated and gained a comfort level with that.  Various forms of paper bags are nowadays available in the market.  The small paper bags are also being used widely.  These small paper bags are mainly used to pack or store or carry medicines, small amount of chemicals and other important things.  Along with that, it is also being used to carry electronics items, Jewell Aries and even small clothes.  Such bags are very much helpful and are very much appreciated by the people.  They are small, light in weight, attractive and also used to advertise the brand name.  They can adjust in any of the place as they do not require big space and very handy, easy to carry and store.  These days, plastic coated small paper bags are available, which are even water resistant.  In this way, the requirement of the people is fulfilled along with the cleanliness of the environment.  

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