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10 Jan 2012

Things are changing with time.  What we have today will not be tomorrow, but even better one will be there in our hand.  Various scientist and researches are changing the face of this world.  All these changes are for the betterment of the human life and the planet earth.  This may be the advancement of the new era, or even the development of the new world.  But, all such changes are for the betterment only.  Thousands of dollars are spent on the research and then we get the final product.  It is not a easy job, so we must support them and help them in making there motto of green earth successful.



Making the environment clean and safe, use of paper is the best thing which can be employed.  Papers are made up of cellulose, it is degradable.  When it gets buried into the soil, its complex structure is getting converted into the simpler units.  These units then is utilized or absorbed or decomposed into the soil or plants.  However, the pollution is mainly given by the bags.  The reason is that the bags are used by most of the people.  Paper bags are the best means to avoid such kind of pollution on the streets or the soil.  The processed paper is used in the making of the paper bags.  These bags are strong, resistant and eco friendly.  Looking at all such points, use of paper bags is getting more and more famous.  People are getting use to it and it is being advertised so that the people can take maximum benefits out of it.  Along with it, many steps are taken in the improvement of its manufacturing.  Making it more versatile and proving the expectations of the people right has become the motivation for such researches and steps.  Paper bags are given importance by many of the dealers, shopkeepers and marketers.



However, the use of the paper is not limited to the bags only.  It has moved a long forward to the packaging field also.  Previously, the plastic was the main item used in the packaging, but that has replaced by the paper now.  Paper packaging has proved to be very helpful to the packaging of the medicines, cargos, chemicals, etc.  Writing on the packets got easier and so the work got simpler.  Also, the waste that was left was not harmful to the environment.  It is getting more and more popular which is a great thing for our planet earth.     


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